With the various fashion weeks across the world and a growing thirst for new creativity across the Fashion industry, Seychelles Fashion week  aims to bring Fashion lovers to a paradise in the middles of the Indian Ocean from all continents with tremendous creativity and culture, thus making the Seychelles Fashion Week melting pot Culture through Fashion.

Seychelles Fashion Week will be operating at level providing a platform for all designers which could be compared to fashion weeks across the major capitals. Seychelles is the champion of conversation and boasts a pristine environment, with great tourism ratings, this will be an amazing opportunity for those looking to expand their relationships with Africans and islands fashion. Seychelles Fashion week will also welcome a number foreign designers seeking to expand into Africa and the Indian Oceans Islands


Our main focal points are listed below.


Seychelles Fashion will hold seminars that will grant designer the core business understanding for mass production. Designers are always stuck when it comes to deciding on mass production before promotion. Our team will ensure all participants will be satisfied with core buyers when they boldly take the leap into mass productions.



Being creative is essential, having man power and finance to duplicate that creativity is the next step forward for the African and the Indians ocean fashion. The Seychelles Fashion Week will provide designers with the necessary information of where and how to have the items mass produced after receiving their core market.



This is also another step forward in the continuous growing market for designers. The Seychelles Fashion Week will networked with boutiques   across the world and specially in Africa and established potential distribution chains both in and out of Africa.

Our Team

Tery Carola 1_edited.jpg
Tery Carola
Founder and CEO
Trassy Carola
Event Coordinator
Guy Morel
Marketing strategist
Guy Morel.jpg
Keith Vidot
Logistics Manager
Keith Vidot 1_edited.jpg
Salifa Magnan 
Diana Marie
Administration & PR
Kim Hoareau
Anne Marie Price
Hair stylists 
Anne Marie_edited.jpg
Marie Charlotte Myden
Makeup Artist
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